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at 3年前 ca 记录笔记 by authorhu 2018-03-27 v1.3.6 - New: creating / modifying the SQLite databases cache.db and pcd.db required for the proper operation of BridgeTalk, zxp plug-ins, ExtendScript Toolkit CC - Fixed: incorrect unpacking of files from archives by paths in Unicode, which resulted in an error when moving files (with 1.3.5) - Fixed: when downloading several products simultaneously without creating a Master Collection, driver.xml files were created after downloading all the products - Changed: if several products are installed simultaneously, the common components are put only once - Changed: uninstaller updated CCMaker是俄罗斯人El Sanchez开发的一款集Adobe软件全家桶下载、安装、激活一条龙服务的小工具。该工具小巧强大效率高,主要作用在于绕过登录直接在线下载Adobe Creative Cloud创意云里的产品,可选安装附加组件和多国语言,可选安装Adobe产品破解工具AMTEmu模拟器。Adobe CC套件最新版下载及升级需要登录Adobe ID,如果你不愿意注册Adobe ID,那么CCMaker无疑就是下载Adobe产品最好的工具。   //